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Bienvenue! Welcome

    Ce LJ a pour but de regrouper toutes mes histoires numb3rs! J'espère que vous aimerez! J'écrirais en français et en anglais.     Amusez-vous!

This LJ was created for my numb3rs stories! Hope you like it! I write in French and English too. Have fun!

Pictures Works
All you need is love Banner
Advent Calendar
Special Valentine

Master List

When Charlie meet Colby (What they thought, what they learned, what they felt)
Part 01: When Charlie meet Colby (published)
Part 02: Angels and devils (published)
Part 03: A night can change everything (published)

Quand Charlie rencontre Colby (Ce qu'ils pensèrent, ce qu'ils apprirent, ce qu'ils ressentirent)
Partie 01: Quand Charlie rencontre Colby (publié sur un autre site)
Partie 02: Anges et Démons (publié sur un autre site)
Partie 03: Une nuit peut tout changer (publié sur un autre site)

French Kiss (Quand une idée de Megan provoque la rencontre de Magalie et de Don, celui-ci ne peut que l'en remercier) Don/Magalie (OfC); Charlie/Colby
Chapitre 01 (publié sur un autre site)
Chapitre 02 (publié sur un autre site)
Chapitre 03 (publié sur un autre site)
Chapitre 04 (publié sur un autre site)

Babies files (Charlie have a great news for his family / It's Don's turn / Don and Charlie argue about babies' custody)
Charlie/Colby; Don/Billy
Baby (published)
The return of the Baby (published)
Babies (published)

Study group (Charlie always enjoyed study group. Don, Colby and Ian will understand why soon)
Charlie/Don; Colby/Ian; Charlie/Colby/Don/Ian
Chapter 01 (published)
Chapter 02 (published/in 3 parts)
Chapter 03 (published)
Chapter 04 (published)

EXTRA: Songs,

Le mathématicien et le tireur d'élite (Charlie et Ian sont deux êtres passionnés)
Charlie/Ian; Colby/Don
Chapitre 01 (publié)
Chapitre 02 (publié)
Chapitre 03 (publié)
Chapitre 04 (publié)

The mathematician and the sniper (Charlie and Ian are two being of passion)
Charlie/Ian; Colby/Don
Chapter 01 (published)
Chapter 02 (published)
Chapter 03 (published)
Chapter 04 (published)

All you need is love (Charlie Eppes, Spencer Reid, Cassandra Walters: genius and friends)
Charlie/Colby; Don/Billy/Cassie(OfC); Spencer/Morgan
Chapter 01 (published)

Special fic (One-Shot for special events)
Prompts 100 #01 (Don/Charlie, work in progress)
Prompts 100 #03 (Colby/Charlie, work in progress)
Halloween (Don/Charlie, published)
War (Brotherly!Don/Charlie, published)
Christmas (Charlie/Marshall, published) */**
En Garde (Charlie/Marshall, published) **/**
A tribute to Rodlox (Don/Amita implied, published)
To keep you safe (David/Colby, published)*/***
To keep you loved (David/Colby, published)**/***
To keep you forever (David/Colby, published)***/***
Be My Valentine (Charlie/Colby, Charlie/Amita, Colby/OfC,published)