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[Special] To keep you safe

Title: To keep you safe
Author: Uld_Ases
Chapter: 01/03
Pairing: David/Colby
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Je ne possède pas Numb3rs
Summary: Colby will do anything to keep David safe
Previous Chapters:
Notes: Challenge line (numb3rsallday) 490 words.
Graphics (size, and artist):

Charlie: You lied to me.
Don: To protect you.

Colby smiled but inside, he really wanted to cry. David was flirting with a woman he had met at the bar and he had to pretend that he was doing the same thing: looking for company. It hadn’t been long since they had begun to repair their broken friendship but it became harder and harder to not want more.

When he met David, he had wanted to impress him. That he could be a great agent not only because he was built like the side of a house. Well, the first impression wasn’t really good.

Then as they spent more and more time together, he was craving for his friendship. Both in Winchester and the army, friendship was a necessity more than a real will to have friends. But David and him, that was another thing.

And, almost naturally, he found one day that he was in love with his best friend. It was not love at first sight but just something you knew was there but you didn’t know what it really was. And suddenly, you knew. And it’s logical. You couldn’t even deny it.

“Hey Granger! What are you doing?” Colby gave him a little smile.

“I think I’ll go home.” David frowned.

“Why?” David smiled. “Is it because you’re not lucky?” Colby rolled his eyes.

“No. I’m just a little tired. Anyway, where is the girl that you pulled at the bar?” David’s smiled became bigger.

“With her girlfriend.” Colby looked at the bar and whistled.

“So, are you so lucky?” David laughed, with this deep and sensual laugh that made him hard.

“No, and really, I prefer that stay a fantasy.”

“Man, you’re disappointing most of the men in the world.”

“So, I’m disappointing you?”

“Ah...well, not really.” He was relieved in fact.

“You know, I don’t think I really know you. I was expecting a ‘what are you doing man?’ or ‘Can you asked them if they share?’ or something like that.”

“I’m sorry.” He knew he screwed up.

“You better be, it’s your fault we’re here after all.”


“You lied to me.” Colby answered angrily.

“To protect you! I wanted out but they knew you’re the closest friend I have! And I will die before I let something happen to you!”

“Colby?” David could see it. Colby was breaking. He dragged him in a dark corner. “Colby, did they blackmail you with us?”

“They didn’t need to involve all the team in their threat. Just you. It was always you.” And David found something, in Colby’s look that made him feeling warm and happy.

“We need to talk. We’re going to my apartment and we spent all the night if it was necessary but we will wipe the state clean, okay?” Colby just nodded, not trusting his voice. When they left the club, closer than they need to be, Colby wondering, when he felt David’ fingers brush gently against his, if dreams can really come true.